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1. What is Rebuilt Transmission Supply.com delivery policy?

Rebuilt Transmission Supply.com  – We deliver to all lower 48 states.  We use our own vehicles to midwestern states and freight trucks to all others.   Rebuilt Transmission Supply.com lead times are negotiable at time of purchase to meet customer specific needs.  We deliver to business and residential.  Any questions call 989-891-9212

All items are shipped via crate for transmissions.  Fedex ground for small parts.  Tracking numbers provided prior to delivery on all purchased components

2. What is the warranty on rebuilt transmissions?

Our rebuilt automatic transmissions come standard with A  5 YEAR unlimited mileage warranty. Our warranty is a no fault policy.  We will provide customer any where in the U.S. with a replacement transmission and/or converter whichever is necessary.   Excludes shipping and labor to remove and re-install.   Any questions call 989-891-9212

3. What if I have a problem with my transmission?

In the event there is a problem with your transmission, you can contact our technical service department at 989-891-9212.  Our experienced staff can trouble shoot the problem with you and help correct the issue if it is related or unrelated to the transmission itself.   Some of the main items on your checklist should be:

1. Check for proper fluid level.  Perform a hard reset by disconnecting the battery cables and touching or connecting the two leads together off power for 30 minutes or more then reconnect to battery that will erase computer memory and restore back to factory settings.  (see step two)

2.  Have a scan performed in advanced and write down the codes the appear.  This will create a pro-active approach and give our technical staff the information in order to help correct the problem without removing the transmission.

3. Make sure you have personally road tested the vehicle so our engineers can deal with specific attributes you are experiencing and diagnose the problem more effectively

4. How are you able to sell these so inexpensively?

We are a huge high volume low margin supplier of transmission hard parts as well as rebuilt/remanufactured  transmissions high volume.  If we need a pump, drum, or valve body in a unit we have them fully remanufactured on the shelf.  We are able to pass our high volume purchasing power as well as parts to build that savings into the cost of the unit for our customer.

5. Do your rebuilt transmissions include a torque converter?

Yes all of our units are priced to include a stock torque converter at no additional charge.

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